Advancement in medicine, general amenities, quality of life has made it possible for our seniors to lead independent lives and retain their sense of identity. An increasing number of them live by them and cater to their own needs, from shopping to banking to cooking and much more. Not only has this empowered them, but has also eased some stress/anxiety for their children who now stay focussed on their own lives.

However, the advent of age sometimes brings ailments that are challenging to manage even for the most independent seniors or the most equipped care givers. 

Age related ailments such as a stroke/Parkinson’s/Alzheimer’s etc. affect cognition, memory and language and seriously hinder the ability of seniors to conduct their daily activities. To add to the problem, medical care that age related ailments require does not stop at medication alone, but needs to encompass engagement, communication and loving home care, which not many care givers are aware of and not many doctors detail out. 

What’s needed is a support and guidance network for both seniors and care givers to enable them to be in control of their lives and continue to live with dignity. 

SHB Social Foundation offers a range of support programmes for seniors and care givers, such as: 

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Assessment Support:

You may notice/observe behavioural changes (anger, non-communication, violence, etc) and/or cognitive impairments (forgetting, unable to remember words, trouble handling daily activities, etc.) which start making life difficult, but you are unable to understand the cause.

A cognitive screening at the stage helps you identify the cause, treatment options and care required to be taken. This is available in SHB Social Foundation with a well-trained neuropsychologist on a monthly basis. The initial screening is free. 

Smartphone/Tech Assistance for Seniors:

For our seniors, the smartphone has become their companion while they live alone, an entertainer – bringing their favourite shows/music to watch at their own time and pace, a communicator offering multiple ways to share and stay connected with family and friends all over the world…their own ‘saathi’.

We offer smartphone and tech assistance for senior citizens to help them use their smartphone fully and be empowered. Our tech-savvy, energetic volunteers can help the seniors right from basics of the smartphone to managing other smart gadgets using their smartphone.

Support with a Geriatric Doctor:

Often seniors have ailments spanning different specialisations. Many specialist doctors do not understand Geriatrics, or issues specific to old people and end up prescribing medication that is not holistic. 

We offer geriatric support with our specialist. We also offer holistic medical counselling, in terms of medication for the Senior Citizen. This advice can help you better manage your/your parent’s life, handle caregiver issues, and be guided on both, medications and home care.

Home visits for senior citizens – curated solutions:

Home visits for senior citizens aim at encouraging conversations addressing emotional and social needs of the super seniors especially those affected by mobility issues. This initiative offers curated activities with the seniors at home specifically designed based on their needs, interests, and feasibility in consultation with their family. These activities can include Listening/talking/companionship for conversations, a walking companion, tech assistance and more. Our well-trained volunteers will conduct these activities during the home-visits with the seniors.

Ease and Support (Palliative Care/Medicine):

Providing medical care for the elderly often involves medically and ethically complex decision-making, requiring consideration of patients’ multiple co-morbid conditions, their quality of life, and their wishes regarding treatments.

Geriatric palliative care is a sub speciality of palliative care which helps patients to live and die with dignity and comfort and helps their family members to manage the patient in a better way. We in SHB are collaborating in bringing this service to you, with our partners, Ease and Support, headed by Dr. Priyadarshini Kulkarni. Read more about them here.

Psychosocial management for patients and their family members:

Care giving, especially for prolonged illnesses, is no easy task. Home care givers can be senior citizens themselves (spouses) or other family members who have to manage their own homes, families and careers while looking after the seniors. This can lead to stress and burnout. Reliable help is scarce as are credible institutions, adding to the care giver pressures. 

We maintain a list of day care centres, old age homes, a list of male/female nurses and ward boys to help you work out a mix of solutions as per your needs.

  • Your discussions are completely confidential.
  • By appointment only. Call on 84461 52961 for the appointment with our consultant volunteer.
  • All Senior Wellness Support appointments will be preceded by a Listening Post session so that we have a case paper made ready for our Wellness experts. Please check the calendar for Listening Post schedule.
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