The themes of Diversity and Inclusivity have assumed prominence in the corporate lexicon over the past decade. A lot has been done and is being done by corporates to sensitise the workforce to mostly women’s issues and build a climate of safety, respect and equal opportunity for women.  

Gender being a social construct, is in a constant state of flux and changes with time. Today gender is manifest fluidly in a spectrum, spanning many shades within the traditional masculine and feminine. Society however continues to expect two polarities and ostracises anyone who falls outside these norms. Thus, the discrimination narrative includes women but is also much more than just women and we need to address all the issues to make larger scale impact.

Traditional gender stereotypes manifest in different ways at the workplace – discrimination, harassment, unequal opportunity, unequal rights, marginalisation, victimisation, etc. This affects morale, disturbs interpersonal dynamics and prevents us from harnessing the full potential of diversity.

SHB Social Foundation works with organisations to build a safer and more inclusive environment at a holistic level. 

We conduct Gender and POSH training in corporates. Our POSH training modules come with an added component on gender understanding / behavioural / attitudinal / cultural nuances peculiar to our country and society. We cover compliance issues as well.

What we do:

  • Awareness modules on gender; specifically, the gender and sexuality spectrums.
  • Educating people of their rights and organisational processes with regard to sexual harassment or discrimination (across individuals).
  • Gender Sensitivity training for all.
  • POSH training under the Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act of 2013.
  • Training members of Internal Complaints Committee for grievance redressal.
  • Refresher programmes.
  • Consulting on creating a diverse and accepting workforce.
  • Serving as external member for ICCs.

Please call us to know more. We are also happy to develop customised programmes depending on the need.

Be a Saathi !