Smartphones and other ‘smart’ gadgets have changed our lives tremendously over the past decade. Their role in our life has gone well beyond just communicating. (Remember the old days of operators transferring the calls to standing in line outside the phone booth for call to using the cordless at our home to playing ‘snake’ and calling/texting using feature phones). Today, the smartphone acts as our personal assistant and our window to the digital world.

For our senior generation, the smartphone has become their companion while they live alone, an entertainer – bringing their favourite shows/music to watch at their own time and pace, a communicator offering multiple ways to share and stay connected with family and friends all over the world…their own ‘saathi’.

We at SHB Social Foundation are happy to offer smartphone and tech assistance for senior citizens to help them use their smartphone fully and be empowered. Our tech-savvy, energetic volunteers can help the seniors right from basics of the smartphone to managing other smart gadgets using their smartphone.  Everything on their fingertips. 

Smartphone basics

Phone security

Communication apps

Transportation apps

Smartphone assistance for senior citizens

Social media

Phonebanking/ UPI

Entertainment apps

Using Google search

Open to all

Free and paid sessions depending on need

Online & offline sessions

We can offer curated learning modules depending on the need for a group of seniors in your society /colony. 

Get in touch with us on 84461 52961 to know more details about smartphone sessions.

Be a Saathi !