SHB Social Foundation is a community funded organisation.

We are registered as a non-profit under the Companies Act in India. Our revenue comes from our workshops that we do for educational and corporate institutions. The rest of the shortfall is made up by community funding. We appeal to generous patrons and individuals to donate and contribute to our activities.

Payments are to be made to SHB Social Foundation. 

Tax deductions are available for donations under Sec. 80 G of the Income tax Act under Certificate No. PN/CIT(Exempt)/Tech/80G/318/2016-17/4090.

You can view our 80G Certificate  here

Our NGO Darpan Registration Number –  MH/2019/0235086

We are registered to undertake CSR activities under the registration #CSR00034243

Kindly note that we have not yet got our FCRA registration.

  • Please send us an email at – once you make a donation.
  • Please share your name, contact details, PAN, and transaction reference number in the email so that we can send you 80G receipt of your donation.

We thank all our donors for their generous contributions. Many of the donations have been in kind, and some others, through generous fund transfers.

Our significant donors for 2022-2023 are:

Bhambhaney, Naresh
Bhatt, Rakesh
Chalisgaonkar, Anjali
Darapureddy, Murali
Iyer, Indubala
Krishnamoorthy, Natarajan
Kumar, Kamal
Gayatri and Rammohan
Patil, Ranjani & Shrikant
Ramaswamy, Mythily, Dr.
S Ramesh
Savant, Aruna
Sharma, Virginia, Dr.
Shikari, Almas
Subramanian, Kannan
Sundaresh, Hariharan
Swaminathan, Raj
Varghese, Alexander Tharakan
Wagh, Hema

We would be remiss if we failed to thank our regular donors who continually support us with their kindness. 

Bharucha, Mahrukh
Ganorkar, Sachin, Dr.
Godbole, Tripuri
Gopalan, Ambuja
Hazare, Vinayak
Joshi, Dileep
K Rao, Aneetha, Dr.
Patil, Sheetal
Rajalakshmi, S V
Rao, V L N
Satyamurthy, Raji
Seetharaman, Chandra
Seshadrinathan, Vaidyanathan
Shetty, Vinaya, Dr.
Sikand, Saira
Tavares, Aletha
Venkataraman, Sandhya
Venugopal, Padmini
Visvanath, Gomathi

A huge shout-out to their generosity!!