Gender equality is a global mandate, linked closely to SDG # 5 of the United Nations.

In India, the Ministry of Women and Child Development holds the goal of prime importance encouraging “Gender Champions” amongst the youth.

We have a long way to go when it comes to accepting different genders and those who display behaviours that are not gender normative. To create lasting change and accepting behaviour, one needs to first understand the various genders in the spectrum, learn to recognise their individuality, and ultimately respect and accept all as they are.

We in SHB, have been working with high schools and colleges in this area since the beginning. Our youth are the future and sensitising them at a young age will ensure that they become accepting citizens and leaders. 

SHB Social Foundation offers Gender and Sexuality modules for students from high school level to graduation. We not only cover the entire spectrum of gender stereotypes, cultural nuances, safe sex, sexual orientation and consent, but we also help them understand the root causes of stereotyping and discrimination so that they are better aware and supportive of those who are not gender normative.

What we do:

  • Gender Awareness and sensitivity modules.
  • Understanding stereotypes and the problem with stereotypes.
  • Meaning of LGBTQI terms and their manifestations.
  • Types of marginalisation and discrimination and how to deal with them/avoid them.
  • Sexual harassment. 
  • Respect for all.

Please call us to know more. We are also happy to develop customised programmes depending on the need.

Be a Saathi !