Employees are leading increasingly stressful lives. Stress, whether at home or work related, can affect all areas of life and wreak havoc with peoples’ well being. Relationships, including those at work are hugely impacted. Team work suffers.

Though help is available, people often do not think of seeking it, and tend to live with it even as it gets worse.  In such times, a compassionate ear can provide relief and peace.

Listening Post offers you a safe space for your employees. A space for people to talk about any issues bothering them. We believe that the very act of talking is therapeutic. By sharing their feelings and anxieties with our trained Listening Post volunteers, we hope that your people feel peaceful, get a fresh perspective, and move towards resolution.

We do not offer solutions, but we listen empathetically through a process of active listening so that your people are better able to clarify their thoughts and make the right decisions. Happy employees work better, perform better, and achieve more.

It’s a non-judgemental, confidential, safe space.

People are free to talk about anything, there is no time limit and they can avail of this service as many times as they wish.

Where we listen

We can offer Listening Post at your organisation. We can work in collaboration with your HR/Admin team to organise this activity. Our trained Listening Post volunteers will visit your office at the appointed time and conduct the activity.

These can be worked out as a regular weekly/fortnightly activity.

During lockdown, we are offering Listening Post on Phone.

Create your own Listening Post

We also offer hands-on training to increase Listening Competency amongst selected volunteers within the organisation. Our goal is to create a workforce community that can support their peers. Peer support training is an integral part of increasing compassion within an organisation.

Please call us to know more. We are also happy to develop customised programmes depending on the need.

Be a Saathi !