Listening Post is 10

Listening Post volunteers sharing their experiences

Listening Post completes 10 years of dedicated service with the community. Listen to our volunteers talking about their experiences, learnings, and joys of Listening to others as well as self.

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What is mental health?

During our street plays in November-December 2023, we spoke to different individuals to understand their take on mental health. Listen to one such conversation in this video. You can connect with us on our social media handles to share what you think.

Listening Post volunteer training

We conducted training for new batch of Listening Post volunteers in November-December 2023, encompassing different topics including "active listening". Listen to Listening Post volunteer trainees talk about their training experience.

SHB completes 9 years !

We are 9 !

9 Years of Saathi Haath Badhana. A wonderful journey with amazing set of people... and a supportive community. Our heartfelt gratitude as we reach this milestone...

SHB Turns 8

SHB Turns 8 !

We recently completed 8 years with our wonderful community. Watch our programme participants, volunteers, and well-wishers share their thoughts on SHB in this 8th Anniversary video.

Power of Active Listening

Our director, Ms. Janaki Visvanath interacted with members of 5am Club talking about the 'power of active listening'.

conversations that enrich

A Talk with SF Volunteers

Watch our director Janaki talking about Listening process with the new volunteers at AF Positive Mental Health Institute.

Listening for Better Mental Health

A chat between Janaki and Namrata focusing on how Listening helps towards better mental health.

healthy ageing

Healthy Ageing

An interactive session with Dr. Charu Raghavan about 'healthy and dignified ageing'....

understanding naturopathy

Our Session on Naturopathy

Watch Dr. Surabhi Dhanwala talk about how Naturopathy can help us lead a healthy life.

We are 7!

We recently completed 7 years with the community. We took this opportunity to thank our volunteers, board members, donors, well-wishers, and the broader community. 

Listening Post

Listening Post during Covid-19 times and more

Watch our director Ms. Janaki Visvanath, in conversation with Ms. Anita Iyer from Ekansh Trust. Listen to them talking about Listening Post and the need to be heard.

Hum Honge Kamyaab

Hum Honge Kamyaab!

Meet our seniors, who are not defeated by the lock-down blues but rather overcoming them. An inspiring video which will help us all keep our spirits high during these tough and challenging times. A story of how a group of volunteers at SHB are working with seniors, providing both technological and emotional support to them and the seniors in turn amaze us with their energy and learning spirit.

Listening to You - A Film about Our Volunteers

We are a volunteer driven organization. All our programmes are run by trained professional volunteers. Experts in their own fields, they volunteer with us, as they believe in "gaining by giving".

Watch this film, where they share about themselves, their motivation, and their experiences.

Be a Saathi !