We live in a volatile and uncertain world.  A world that is described by management thinkers as rapidly changing, highly interconnected, less predictable and with a higher possibility of surprises than ever before. This is a reality and will only intensify over the coming decades. 

To thrive in this fluid environment, flexibility, adaptability, speed and learning agility will become fundamental. We will be required to constantly make shifts – personal, professional, functional, behavioural. While this can provide inspiration and satisfaction, at times, stress, lack of direction, or inability to find suitable options are the fallout and the casualty is often personal wellbeing/poor work life balance/health, etc. Our ability to cope becomes the biggest skill in demand.

To combat this, developing holistic life skills – attitudinal, behaviour and functional – is a key factor for success.

We at SHB Social Foundation understand this and have put together curated modules to help employees and therefore organisations compete effectively. Through our work with corporates we have identified a range of issues and interventions that may help people operate effectively in this dynamic, uncertain yet exciting environment, specifically: 

  • Personalized coaching services to help transition different stages of life and  career.
  • Work Life Balance
  • Stress Management and Managing Change.
  • Mindfulness as a practice
  • Entrepreneurship Skills/Empowerment programs
  • Providing learning and skill development opportunities for interning and for mentoring

Please call us to know more. We are also happy to develop customised programmes depending on the need. 

Be a Saathi !