• What is Listening Post?

    Listening Post is a safe space available for you to talk about any anxieties or stress that’s troubling you. It’s available as a walk-In as well on phone.

  • Is Listening Post free?

    Listening Post is completely free, for walk-ins as well as calls. For calls, you will have to pay call charges as per your telecom service provider. However, if you wish to donate, you can do so here. We are a non-profit organization working in the psycho-social space of mental wellness. Your contribution can help us reach out to those who need our services.

  • Why is Listening Post free?

    We want to destigmatize talking about mental health challenges, increase awareness, and encourage discussions about it. Some people may need help but may not be able to afford psychiatrists or therapists. They may be facing issues, e.g., domestic abuse or students in distress. We want Listening Post accessible to everyone irrespective of their location, monetary challenges, or age.

  • How often can I call? How long can a call/session last?

    You can call as many times as you want. A typical session lasts 40 min, though there is no restriction per se. Please keep in mind there may be others waiting to call as well.

  • Who is a Listening Post volunteer?

    Our Listening Post volunteers are professionals from different fields having undergone an extensive training for deep listening. A formal thorough training is conducted in both theoretical and practical listening skills. They come from all walks of life. They are trained and committed individuals who live and breathe our core values. You can read about them here.

  • Can I talk to the same volunteer again?

    Sorry, currently it’s not possible. Our volunteers work in different slots depending on their work hours. However, since we keep a record of all our conversations, our volunteers will be updated about the conversations, and you will not need to repeat each time.

  • Do you keep a record of our conversations?

    Yes, we do. All our volunteers make a report of the conversations they have had with the caller/walk-in. These reports are logged into our system with time and call. Names are recorded only if the caller asks for it. Otherwise, all calls are anonymous to our volunteers and your calling number is not visible to them. All call records are completely confidential.

  • Will you be recording my call?

    The calls we receive at Listening Post are being audio recorded for quality and monitoring purposes and to ensure the quality of our services. We store the data securely and take all necessary steps to ensure complete confidentiality. These audio recordings are accessed only by our Listening Post volunteers and not shared externally with any third party.

  • Which language can I use to talk to Listening Post volunteers?

    English, Hindi, and Marathi currently (we also have Tamil, Telegu, Gujrati and Punjabi speakers amongst our volunteers. In case, you cannot speak English, Hindi or Marathi – you can request for a different language speaker, and we can schedule a call for you on another day, depending on volunteer availability)

  • What can I expect from the conversation?

    The conversation will provide a safe space to talk about your issues. It will help you calm down and reflect on the problem you are grappling with. The insights from the conversation will help you go closer to resolution.

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