Our busy lives do not give us a chance to relax, rest, unwind. We are always running from one task to the other… from one class to the next, from one work target to a stiffer one…

We forget that we all need to take a break. To rest, recharge, and then resume.

Art and play are time tested stress busters. Even a few minutes of these are known to restore our sense of balance, relieve anxiety, bring us closer to ourselves and ultimately have a lot of fun!

We offer a creative space for all … children, adults, seniors … a space for you to dance, draw, sing, write poetry, act, read aloud …anything that brings your senses alive and refreshes you.

We currently offer the following modules:

  • Hang out with Art: draw to relax!
  • Hang out with Movement: dance to explore the emotional joy of movement!

All sessions are facilitated by eminent expressive art therapists. Open to everyone over 12 years.

All sessions are “pay as you please”. Please check our Calendar for dates.

Be a Saathi !