We believe in compassion – to understand and feel the emotions of others and be willing to care and help. It forms the basis of all the work that we do. A compassionate society can help us embrace change easily towards a more meaning way of life.


We believe in working with other community members, organizations, corporate entities to build safe, compassionate inclusive spaces and sustainable communities. Collaboration takes us closer to the goal and instead of reinventing the wheel, we as a community can move forward by cooperating and sharing.


Lack of self-care affects our personal and emotional health. We cannot keep caring for others without first caring for ourselves. Self-care helps us be a better caregiver. It comes from self-compassion and helps us stay focused. It’s an important component of growth and we consciously chose it to be one of our core values.

Social Justice

A sustainable community is based on the principles of social justice. It is equal and inclusive while promoting diversity and has a supportive environment.

SHB Social Foundation follows these principles in their work and continues to promote them.

Be a Saathi !