Support Listening Post Sessions at SHB !

Listening Post is a safe, non-judgemental, confidential space for talking and listening. We believe that talking is therapeutic and the very act of talking lightens our emotional load.

You can support us for holding Listening Post sessions at SHB Social Foundation.  

Cost : Rs. 3000 /- ( for 10 sessions)

Support Mental Health Therapy Sessions at SHB !

The topic of mental health / illness is a taboo. It’s stigmatized and labelled. None talks about it openly. It adds to the suffering of the people who need support.

SHB Social Foundation offers mental health support for the patients and their family members. We work with them to generate empathy towards the condition, nurture well being and provide holistic care. Additionally, a trained facilitator is available in our Centre to help support patients or their family members wanting to know more about the illness or on how to help a loved one manage their lives.

You can support us for these sessions happening at SHB.

Cost: Rs. 3000/- (for 3 sessions)

Help Us Spread Awareness !

We are an organization working in psycho-social space of mental wellness through collaborative efforts with other individuals and organizations.

We build safe and equal spaces and create sustainable glocal communities with the focus on:

  • Compassion / Listening
  • Gender Understanding / Sensitization
  • Life-skills

We are working on the concept of t-shirts which can be used to promote these topics and raise awareness.

You can contribute to make it possible

Cost: Rs. 3000/- ( Design)

Support Smarphone Assistance Sessions at SHB

Smartphone has become a life-skill today. It’s a tool that’s helping us connect with others.  Our seniors who are otherwise living independently, at times do struggle while using it and it lowers their confidence and connect.

We offer smartphone assistance sessions to seniors and as a matter of fact, anyone who needs it. It’s a hub for seniors seeking assistance when challenged and overwhelmed by technology. Our volunteers assist them with their issues and in-turn facilitate inter-generational connect.

You can support this program by contributing which will help us in managing the sessions.

Cost: Rs. 5000/- ( 10 sessions)

Support Smarphone Assistance Sessions at Public Spaces

Currently we run the smartphone assistance session at our Community Center in Aundh, Pune.

We intend to take these sessions to other places like – assisted living spaces for seniors, public parks, senior citizen associations and more.

We look forward to your support in taking smartphone sessions to everyone who needs it.

Cost: Rs. 5000/- ( 5 Sessions)

Support Legal Cell Sessions

Legal Cell For Women is to help people seeking answers about the various personal laws in our Country. Women especially are unaware of their legal rights and thus run the risk of being victimised. We facilitate awareness sessions with our legal expert.

You can support us in offering this program to those in need.

Cost: Rs. 6000/- ( 3 Sessions)

Support Listening Post Sessions for Students

Peer pressure, living up to expectations (their own, not neccesarily of parents/teachers), academic performance anxiety, social stress, stress of board exams, are only some of the issues plaguing young minds today. A lot of these are unaddressed because the young do not like to talk about them for fear of being judged. What they need is a compassionate listener who will hear them out with a kind and open mind.

We offer Listening Post sessions to students. A space for students to talk about any issues bothering them.

You can support us reaching out to more students which will contribute to their future as well. 

Cost: Rs. 9000/- (10 Listening Post Sessions for 150 students)

Volunteer for Our Volunteers

We are a volunteer driven collective offering need based programs to individuals / groups in the space of mental wellness for the community.

All our programs are run by committed volunteers who live and breathe our core values. 

As we recently completed 5 years, we would really love to express our gratitude for their contribution in the journey.

You can be a volunteer for us in felicitating our volunteers.

Cost: Rs. 10000/- ( for Volunteer Momentos)

If you wish to contribute to our other programs and general funds, please visit this link – Donate Now

We thank you for your support and contribution !

Be a Saathi !