De-stress Program for Students

Are you a student going through stress about the uncertainty of your exams?

Do you wish to participate in some fun activities that can get you laughing and give you a break from all the exam-related stress?

SHB SOCIAL FOUNDATION is starting a new program for students appearing for their board/entrance exams. We aim at creating a safe space for you to de-stress, enjoy and connect with others. Join us in this fun adventure and let us help you relax and let go of the stress!

Please Note:

 > Sessions will take place every alternate Saturday till the end of July 2021.

> All sessions will be conducted online.

About The First Program-

Date- 5/June/2021

Time- 11.00am- 12.30pm

Venue- Zoom

Kindly register with us to get updates about the program! You will get the Zoom link once you register with us.

You can reach out to us if any queries!

Contact Number- 84461 52961

Email Id-


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Some basic ground rules-

This is a safe space for all of us. We need to respect each other and also respect confidentiality. The aim of this program is to provide a space for everyone to de-stress, enjoy and connect with others. Hence, it is important for all of us to be supportive and encouraging towards each other and to let each other speak without any interruption.

Be a Saathi !