Maintaining our security and confidentiality

Confidentiality is the key to our credibility. Safeguarding our data to ensuring seamless communication, licensed software plays a crucial role in our daily work. This includes essential technology tools and softwares. However, these indispensable resources come at a cost. Subscription fees for licensed software are a recurring expense that directly impacts our ability to provide crucial services. To continue to deliver the support services, we need consistent monetary support for these software licenses.

By contributing to our software needs, you can help us maintain a strong tech. foundation and security protocols for the same.

Funds needed – Rs. 1,00,000/- per annum

Volunteer training & continuous learning efforts

Our committed volunteer force, are professionals hailing from diverse backgrounds. They pay for their own training to be able to serve as Listening Post volunteers. We also recognize the importance of continuous learning and development for the volunteers for consistency in our quality of our services.
We regularly conduct training programs, refresher courses, debriefing sessions, and self-care programs for all volunteers to provide comprehensive support and ensure their well-being. Your contribution will help us keeping this volunteer force well trained and ready to serve.

Funds needed – Rs. 1,00,000/- per batch. We currently do 2 batches every year.

Support Listening Post in its current avatar

Listening Post is currently being offered everyday on call (4 pm to 8 pm). Walk-ins are offered 5 times a week. You can contribute to help us keep running the Listening Post operations smoothly. Your support will ensure that we can continue offering Listening Post to those seeking support and understanding, while sharing their challenges.

Current cost of Listening Post operations in present location (SHB Office, Aundh) – 

Rs. 1,00,000/- per month

If you wish to contribute, you can use any of the following options.  We will keep you posted about our programmes and activities through our regular newsletters.

Tax deductions are available for donations under Sec. 80G of the Income tax Act under Certificate No.PN/CIT(Exempt)/Tech/80G/318/2016-17/4090.
You can view our 80G Certificate here
Please send us an email at – once you make a donation. Please share your contact details, transaction ref. number and PAN in the email so that we can send you 80G receipt of your donation.

Bank Transfer(NEFT/IMPS)
Scan the QR Code for UPI Payments

Please verify our name "SHB Social Foundation" when you add UPI / Scan QR Code.

Debit/Credit cards
via PayU