Helping persons navigate digital age

SHB Social Foundation has been offering Smartphone assistance sessions for seniors since 2016. Today it has evolved into a space where all those who have trouble with technology come to make things easier for themselves. It is no longer limited to seniors. The teaching and learning includes not only smartphones but also different tech gadgets. Smart watches, step counters, OTT channels on your phone, payment apps to operating the home rumba from your phone are all things that many of us need assistance with.
For seniors in particular, we have created easy to understand, structured learning material which helps them revise and practise at home.

Support us in offering these sessions – contribute now for one month’s cost at current location.

Funds needed – Rs. 10,000/- per month in current location (SHB Office,  Aundh)


Support Senior Citizen Wellness programme

SHB Social Foundation has been offering Senior Citizen Wellness programme for seniors and family care givers. It aims to provide a support and guidance network for them so that they can be in control of their lives and live life with dignity.

Neurological impairment impacts the elderly, however awareness about  Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other illnesses is not much. Families struggle during assessment and then managing the senior/ spouse with the ailment. We offer assessment support, as well as support with a geriatric doctor. We also have home visits for seniors with mobility issues.

All these activities are conducted collaboratively with other organizations working in the field. 

We need your support to continue offering these services to our seniors.

Funds needed –  Rs. 10,000/-  per session


If you wish to contribute, you can use any of the following options. We will keep you posted about our programmes and activities through our regular newsletters.

Tax deductions are available for donations under Sec. 80G of the Income tax Act under Certificate No.PN/CIT(Exempt)/Tech/80G/318/2016-17/4090.
You can view our 80G Certificate here

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