Our Smartphone Assistance Program Volunteers

Alifia P

Alifia Pardawala

Alifa is a BA student at Fergusson College, Pune. She is an avid reader and music enthusiast. She wants to major in Psychology but personally prefers to avoid meeting too many people. Despite her contradictions she enjoys helping our seniors with their gadgets.

Anvit Chandure

Anvit Chandure

A curious person by nature, Anvit tries to dig up information about almost everything that he comes across. He volunteers with SHB to contribute back to the community. He is a hands-on, "can do anything" professional and loves music and travelling.

kaushal sanghvi

Kaushal Sanghavi

Kaushal is an enthusiastic follower/ teacher of technology and has been with this programme since inception. He's an entrepreneur and runs Breathing Rooms. In this tough and fast paced world of entrepreneurship, he makes time to be here for our Smartphone Assistance programme for senior citizens.