Our Smartphone Assistance Program Volunteers

Alifia Pardawala

Alifia Pardawala

Alifia is a BA student at Fergusson College, Pune. She is an avid reader and music enthusiast. She wants to major in Psychology but personally prefers to avoid meeting too many people. Despite her contradictions she enjoys helping our seniors with their gadgets.

kaushal sanghvi

Kaushal Sanghavi

Kaushal is an enthusiastic follower/ teacher of technology and has been with this programme since inception. A Berkeley alumni, software and marketing are his passions. A young man with two young kids, he still makes time to be here for our Smartphone Assistance program for senior citizens.

Manoj Nair

Manoj has been an IT guy all his working life having started his career in Telco Pune in 1990. He is an avid sports nut and loves travelling to see places far away from crowds. His current passions include reading and playing golf. Having seen how the senior folks contribute towards society in the US, he feels there is a lot that senior Indians can do too so wants to contribute in whatever way to make that happen.

Naren Sundararajan

Naren is Physicist by training and a research fellow at the department of Physics of Pune University. He sings beautifully and loves to cook. He has been volunteering for Smartphone Assistance for Seniors programme for more than 2 years now with some breaks. 🙂

Padmaja Pore

Padmaja is a happy-go-lucky person with a positive attitude, who loves to constantly explore new things. Her professional experience is in HR as well as software development. She loves to read and enjoys good music. For Padmaja volunteering for the Smartphone Assistance programme is an enriching experience that has helped her to give back to society. In her words “It's truly holding hands together for a better today and tomorrow".

Sunita Lambu

Sunita is a Finance and IT professional with 24 years of work experience. Having quit full-time work, she is now dedicating more time to her hobbies which include reading, travelling, cooking and learning Indology. Though an introvert by nature, she loves being around energetic and positive people and lives by the motto – live and let live.

Pooja Medhekar

Pooja is an 11th grader in Nowrosjee Wadia College. Her hobbies include dancing and reading. She wants to do Psychology majors, still toying with the idea though.