SHB Social Foundation collaborates with various organisations in order to carry out our work more effectively.

Our partner ecosystem supplements our efforts across our outreach programmes. We involve our relevant partners when you need more specialised services over and above what SHB Social Foundation offers.

Our Partners include:

Ease and Support

SHB Social Foundation works in collaboration with EASE AND SUPPORT to bring some aspects of senior citizen wellness to those required. "Ease and Support" is headed by Dr. Priyadarshini Kulkarni, a trained anaesthesiologist and a senior palliative care expert in India. Ease and Support works in the following areas: - Medical Management of advanced stage patients. - Psycho – social management of patients and family members. - Training and Education - of doctors/nurses/other medical and para medical staff/care givers/general public.

Connecting NGO

Connecting NGO is our training partner in Pune. All our Listening Post volunteers are trained in Connecting as part of their essential onboarding before they start volunteering for Listening Post. We are thankful to Bobby Zachariah and Sandy Dias Andrade of Just Being for this alignment.

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